Make your space a harmonious place!
Feng Shui by Patsy

"Patsy has helped us use Feng Shui in a common sense approach to living with what truly makes us comfortable in our natural surroundings. We have found that working within the theory of the Feng Shui application, it gives the entire premises a feeling of true oneness with the environment and a sense of personal comfort within the perimeters of the office staff interactions, as well as those who come into our office. We could not be more pleased with the response from the public and the sense of well being it has brought to us, at work and at home."
Sharon Arnold, SSACC Inc, Pontiac, IL

"One thing I have learned from Patsy regarding Feng Shui is to reduce clutter. I was the queen of clutter. I recently got married and my husband is a very tidy person. We have really, really minimized the clutter in the house. We are much more relaxed and at ease in our home. I believe it can make a huge difference in the energies of your home. Trust me we have done this on a shoe-struing budget as well. Feng shui doesn't have to cost a lot. Why, it doesn't have to cost anything. As Patsy told me, we had most of the things we needed in our home already. It was just placing them right. Try it. You'll believe, too."
Ann Householder


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