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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the study of energy in your space. It is a way to create balance and harmony in your environment. Practiced in China for thousands of years, Feng Shui is now being used in the western world due to its outstanding results.

If I use the Feng Shui method, do I have to decorate my home with all sorts of oriental items?

No. We use what you have and what you love with who you are now - not who you were 5 years ago. Western School of Feng Shui honors the Eastern hertiage but adapts it to our western culture. It is not oriental decor.

Can you Feng Shui any size space?

Yes. From one room to big business. All spaces can use Feng Shui practices. You can even Feng Shui a garden or yard space.

Will I have to spend a lot of money to redecorate my home if I have a consultation?

No. We can usually use what you have and sometimes only small changes in arranging the things you have will help your space flow better.

Is Feng Shui a religious practice?

No. Feng Shui is a scientific study of energy and placement developed by the Chinese to make your space a harmonious place. Instead of dressing for success Feng Shui has you decorate for success in all areas of our life.

When is the best time to have a Feng Shui consultation?

Now! Create your personal paradise right now, donít wait. It is very helpful to do this when you want to improve health and your relationships, when finances seem to be suffering, before or after a move to a new home, after or during organizational work, when you feel stuck, when you need/desire a fresh start or are making important changes in your life, or when you move your business.

How Does a Consultation Work?

First, you give me a call and we can figure out why you are interested in a Feng Shui Consultation. This gives me an idea of what you want to work on such as health, prosperity, relationships, career, etc. or we can work on all of them. Next we set up a time for me to visit your space, whether it is your home or office. When I arrive I will give you a folder with some helpful tips, a bagua map, several other helpful printouts and a notepad. We will go over this material very briefly. Then I visually survey the area using my Bagua map and inspect the overall property and then do the same with the inside of the home or office. Still using the Bagua map I inspect room by room. At this time, I also evaluate art, use of colors and shapes and the five elements - fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. I will give you my recommendations on the spot. I will determine whether you need to juice up or deplete some of the energy in your space.

I always have more thoughts about the space after I leave. There is just a lot of information for me to absorb, so thoughts sometimes come later when I have alone time to digest all I have seen. I will call or email you with any other recommendations that I might have after our visit but I donít charge extra for that time. If you ask for a return visit I will have to charge again for my time. I can usually do a consultation on an average size home in about 2 hours. The size of the space naturally dictates the amount of time it will take to do a Feng Shui consultation.

Will I need to spend a lot of money to implement changes in my home or office?

Often changes are made in the location of items you already have in your home. It may be a particular color, shape, or object that is needed in a certain area in your home. There are many creative ways to enhance your space using Feng Shui principles.


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